Benefits of being an Archivist

(NOTE: These are tentative images regarding the event as details are not yet official at the time of the posting)
Over the last 10 years of the Reigns of ISCANS, I have done about 75% of all the printed/promotional work over the last 7 years. Because of this, I have a large inventory/archive of all the shows we have done to raise money for our charities.
This coming May24 weekend, we have our usual Court Membership Appreciation BBQ for all our members.
Instead of going with a new design, I've elected to re-hash an old poster from last year, to keep the tradition alive.
Last year's poster:

This year's poster:

Just a little variation, and only the gods know how good anyone's memory is for previous posters.
So my question is this: Have you ever brought back an old tradition/image to celebrate the same event, or have you come up with something new each and every time to keep it fresh?