Haunted Busts

So, yet another inspiration from Stolloeen.  The haunted busts struck me from the first time I saw them and I was determined to make some for myself.
I started off with some skull heads from the dollar store (to save on time) glued to old liquor bottles.

I cut out a basic form I wanted from cardboard, masked it up with masking tape and tweaked the design a bit.

At this point, I had a few toilet paper rolls available to me, so I cut them in half, taped them up again and made them into the base for a cape type form.
 Here you can see the shoulder plates that were added.

Here is a pic of the boys together after I added the paper mache clay (oooOOOoo so much fun to figure out.....). On a side note, DO NOT let paper mache clay sit at room temperature overnight....the smell is ungodly. Also in this pic you can notice the rib cage and sternum added under the collar.