Creepy Portrait Phase 1

Inspired from Dave Lowe's Design Blog, I decided to try my hand making one of these. Part airbrushing, part sculpture and memory of aging items, this is a practice in a few skills.
Besides, it's Halloween, the time you get to be a kid again.
I started off with a large format of printer paper (18.5" by 24") that I rescued from work. It comes as part of the packaging for one of the supplies I use weekly and I just can't stand throwing out a piece that large. I also had some old political campaign signs that I had laying around (Part of this project is the PURGING of supplies from my room/studio).
I adhered 2 of the signs (coroplast) together to make a piece large enough for the paper. I then took the crumpled up paper, and simply soaked it in a bowl of water, wrung it out and after applying glue stick to the whole of the coroplast, and applying the paper on it. The wet activated the glue stick and kept the wrinkles. The goal here was to keep it looking aged. After rolling a bottle around on it, I got most of the wrinkles to lay flat and hide the seams and rows from the coroplast.
I then put down a layer of black and sketched out the figure ROUGHLY with conte.
Honestly, at this point, I was 6 beers into my night and now remember why I don't start the line work at this STATE of my
I remember liking his goofy grin, but starting to dislike the green.
I got the general idea on the board, and that was the goal.