Creative Little Day

Well, let's see what a Holly Homemaker I was today:
Bought some Popsicle moulds and made some refreshing Cranberry-Blueberry-Cherry Flavoured Energy Drink Ice Pops....a modern twist on an old favourite. Plus, I kinda missed them from being a kid. Paid like $0.50 for it, so no real loss.
Started to make some paper mache Pumpkins ( inspired by STOLLOWEEN ). I'll post pics later when they're a bit more done. At this point they have a single layer of paper mache on them and I have them in the oven. Yes, I'm baking my paper mache. I almost sewed myself an apron today the way I was spinning around in the kitchen.
Picked up some Jello Moulds of Halloween forms and made them in eerie Red Raspberry. Then learned the wonderful lesson of 'materials expand when heated, thus sometimes losing the seal on a mould' lesson. Perhaps this was a contributing factor of them being sold for $0.25.
Either way, my other half is off for training for a week, so I've tried to get myself into the 'home-mode' right off the get go. It'll be a good week for me to get all the little things done around the house. Looking to clean out the house a little bit, pump out a few Halloween decorations/props in the week so I can get a start on a scary house.
Speaking of which , I gotta go get some work done on a skeletal/zombie/who knows what it'll be when I'm done Halloween portrait.
Post those pics later tonight/early morning.