The Blog of the Fed offers up a tutorial on making a Necronomicon pizza.
I know what I'm making this weekend.

Steampunk Rocketeer

Came across this over at GeekTyrant. I've always loved the Rocketeer costume, especially it's many incarnations made by independant artists around the world.
This is one that I'd liek to try and have ago at to make it real.

Medieval Avengers

theDURRRRIAN's deviantart gallery has some great images, but what caught my attention was his Medieval Avenger works. I'm really drawn to the Hawkeye version.

Solar Powered Terrarium lantern

Love this simple idea for a solar powered terrarium. We found this exact lantern at Winner's on Saturday this past week. Nearly bought it.

End of Childhood

Found some great dark illustrations of Disney characters over at .
After working at Disney World myself for over a year, I can really appreciate the flip of the beloved characters.

Salad in a Jar

I've been meaning to try out salad in a jar for my lunches at work. The most appealing aspect of it was the fact that by layering the ingredients, you can keep it from getting soggy or losing it's individual component flavours over time. With the timing of my lunch (if any, most days), I wanted to be able to at least have a healthy option instead of turning to the A&W next to my workplace so often. Additionally, they can keep for up to a week, so you can save a few bucks when buying your vegetables. has a great link to some ideas on how to do these most effectively.

Mason Jar Candle

Nice little tutorial for a mason jar shaped candle over at Ticktockvintage .
I've seen something like this before and it's a great execution of the idea, however I think there might be a less dangerous way to accomplish this (the jagged edge of the jar looks to be a bit unsafe to me, but if you're wearing gloves, the danger is limited).

Frankenstein Dress Tutorial

Found this great Frankenstein style dress make over at Shadow Manor. Just a few runs through with a sewing machine and a bit of fabric paint and you're ready to go.
I'd like to try adapting this technique to an apron made of skin or something along those lines.

Potential Candidate for the Creative Armada

The CarveWright Model-C is a neat little CNC router-carver-toy-thing that I want to add to the Creative Armada.
It's such a great little toy (though it does take a bit away from hand craftsmanship, which I generally hate) that carves out 3D designs from wood using milling techniques and it totally automatic.
I first saw this on StilitBeasts Studio's today where he deomnstrated it's functions and basic operation. He intends on making vampire hunter boxes/kits (which strangely enough when I first saw the finished product was my first inclination to use it for).

Amazing Lego Sculpts

Lego Man Sculpt by Jason Freeny.

Meme Money Card

"Shut up and take my money!" card from

Cast pewter Clasps

Came across this great tutorial  over at for casting your own pewter jacket clasps. 
Pretty thorough instructions, but my fav part is showing a failure of casting and then a quick remedy.

New Texture Resource

I just found this great website called Lost and Taken , a great resource for textures.