Quick Update and something to distract you with

Well, it's been a while since I posted on this blog. 
I've moved and started setting up my first real in house studio. Previous to this, I was using my bedroom as a studio space with little to no luck actually seperating myself from my work.
Some would argue that the two should be all encompasing, but I disagree. Though it is good to remain focused on projects at hand, I can think of NOTHING worse than trying to sleep when I can see a painting that is too wet to work on/a sculpture still trying to cure/a laptop with a 3/4's finished poster design sitting on the screen/a half sewn garment just mocking me....teasing me.....robbing me of my sleep.
I should show you guys pictures of the new place, and at last pics of the new studio.....as soon as I find out which box my camera is in. The other half has kindly lent me his camera, but I still prefer my own.
In the meantime, enjoy these drug free hallucinations I found online.