Disco Fever Set Designs

Alright, here's something a little differant for me to post on here.
I was coming up with ideas for the set, so I sketched them out, like I normally do, on a few pieces of legal or tabloid size paper. Liking what I had drawn, I figured I might as well send these off to the othhr people who would be a part of its construction, or at least in the show so they could see how minimal the set was going to be and might be able to swing by and offer 10 minutes of work.
What's the easiest way to send a sketch? Scan it. Well, my scanner wasn't working properly, the only way to fix it was to install the original drivers from the cd...the cd that was packed up for the big move.
Ok, take a digital pic of it. No good. Camera is dead and the charger is in Cole Harbour. Damnit.
Fine, break out the Wacom tablet and have a go at it. i haven't used it in about 2 months, so I'm rusty already.
Here's the product(s):

Version 1

Version 2

As you can see, a rushed effort with an unfamiliar tool results in kinda crappy expression of ideas. The scond try was a bit more relaxed an effort resulting in a significantly better outcome.