Thing I saw online

This seems to be a thing goign around on blogs I read...Thought I'd try it myself.
4 things I am looking forward to:
  1. Victoria Day BBQ tomorrow
  2. Swimming at the beach this summer
  3. Continuing out my artistic endeavors
  4. My next day off (that I don't get called in)
4 things I did yesterday:
  1. Bought a Tiki Torch for a project
  2. Got called in to work
  3. Sat at home and watched TV
  4. Repainted an old frame I had lying around

4 things I wish I could do
  1. Knit
  2. Math
  3. Sleep in
  4. Be consistant with blogging
4 things or shows I have watched
  1. Cash Cab
  2. Terminator 3
  3. Back to back episodes
  4. Fringe
4 of my favourite blogs:
  1. Daisy Yellow
  2. Today in Jens sewing room
  3. Strobist


Tom said...

I like today's entry. Really uplifting.