Dream #18

Ever have one of those nights where dreaming and reality kinda blur together? And even though it should make absolutely no sense, everything just seems to gel together nicely.
At some point before I was going to bed, I had thought I wanted a wooden clock radio...much like the one pictured. Nice and clean lines with light up tube for the time instead of the red LED/LCD/ugly as shit light thing that drives me so insane. I headed off to sleep, but wasn't sure if I really did this when i was awake or not.
I set my alarm clock to wake me up for 5am for work. Then I set the wooden alarm clock for a half hour later. Then decided to go to bed.
When my alarm went off, I hit snooze on it, then the alarm on my wooden clock went off....I hit the snooze on it as well. This went on for about an hour. Finally a I got up, marvelled at my wooden radio alarm clock and headed off to get a shower. On my return from the shower, I was slightly shocked to see that my shitty plastic alarm clock was the only one there. Like a lover suddenly missing, I felt such a tremendous sense of loss and betrayal.
This clock is on my wish list.....I've dreamed it so. If you love me, you'll return it back to me...though I never really owned it.....whatever.....buy it for me.


Bent Fan said...

So you want me to buy it? hehe