dream #13

I was playing this weird racing game at the shitty arcade kinda place. It was an experimental prototype kinda ride. It was an inclined set of narrow stairs with a large monitor at the top.It was also in the shape of an elephant. like from that candy corn popcorn that you pick up for Halloween....it's pink.....and instead of holding onto the railing, you held onto this kinda Pantyhose like material. The game supervisor stood at the top and refereed the game experience, and would occasionally toss a slip of paper over his shoulder and whoever grabbed it won the money that was listed on it. It made no sense cause there were racing cars and such on the screen that represented each player, and for a while, i remember trying to 'control' my car, and racing it, but i have no controller....just a focused mind.
At the end of the game, where I tied for 2ND, I was handed a note written with a dull HB pencil and on a ripped out sheet of paper from a writing tablet.
"As in life, you kept blocking others. Stayed in fourth place, but won only due to furious driving and aggressive tactics. In future, do yourself a favour and pull a 'CRIT' and go to the pit to repair your car to get the necessary speed to race.
The armour for Lord of the Rings is missing interfacing between the inside layers .Also, the caps and scales on the armours have traditionally been black."
After the game, everyone seemed happy and felt like they were part of something great.
Until we had to go outside to go back to our car.
Did I forget to mention that there were zombies all over the world attacking and eating the living?....yeah, there were Zombies...and the world was lit in something like 'Diary of the Dead" style.